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What we do

With our Mobile Library Units we are trying to generate a passion for reading among the disadvantaged schools and communities of South Africa. We are currently busy with projects in Kenya and we would like to take our libraries to many more African countries.

We approach large companies and organisations worldwide to sponsor these mobile libraries for those schools and children most deprived of basic literature. Together we are hoping to create and sustain a love for reading within those communities that have no existing library facilities.

The lack of library infrastructure is possibly the biggest problem facing the majority of schools and therefore our mobile libraries come in most handy. Not only are they incredibly durable but they ara also completely mobile and fit through a standard door frame. These libraries only take up a very limited space inside of a classroom. The receiving school now has a ready to use multimedia library.

With the distribution of our mobile libraries we are hoping to play a significant part in eradicating illiteracy in our schools today. Make your corporate social investment count!
A passion for literacy
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